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King’s College Hospital

Extensive modernisation of the medical gas system

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An extensive modernisation of the medical gas system within Christine Brown Ward on the 2nd floor of King’s College Hospital has now been completed by K&H Medical Ltd. A total of 4 new AVSU Modules and 96 Terminal Units have been supplied and installed. All of the HDU bed spaces within Christine Brown Ward are now supplied with oxygen, medical air and vacuum services from newly installed pipework providing a split system to each bed. The split system allows the supply of medical gases to one side of each bed to be shut off whilst still maintaining supply to the other.

A new Quadruplex Vacuum Plant capable of supplying 1366 l/m was also recently installed and provides a new supply to the 4th floor Women’s Services in the Golden Jubilee Wing. K&H Medical Ltd will continue to provide the best medical gas installation options as required.

Quick facts

  • Site: King’s College Hospital, London
  • Project value: £75,919
  • Project details: Extensive modernisation of medical gas system