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Guy’s Hospital

Cancer Treatment Centre

A new Cancer Treatment Centre is now open within a new wing of the existing Guy’s Hospital site. The centre comprises of 4 floors and is managed by HCA, a private company, who looked to K&H Medical Ltd to provide an entirely new Medical Gas System.

An extensive new Plant install was required, including a Triplex 4 bar Medical Air Plant, a Quadruplex Vacuum Plant and four 3-phase Duplex AGSS Pumps. A new Oxygen mains service was also required to run from the site’s existing VIE. Other newly installed equipment includes AVSU Modules complete with alarms and terminal units. In total, twelve new AVSU Modules supplying 340 terminal units were also.

Quick facts

  • Site: Guy’s Hospital, London
  • Project value: £360,000
  • Project details: New medical gas system and plant installation